Astro Pay Promo Code [2023] Upto $100 Signup Bonus

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Astro Pay Promo Code [July 2022] Upto $100 Signup Bonus

Astro Pay Promo Code 2022: Hello everybody, in this post we will learn about Astro Pay. How to Use an Astro Pay Promo Code So, read this post to receive a $10 referral or signup reward.

With Astro Pay promo code, you can earn $10 just by using Astropay, the world’s easiest payment option. You can also get the app here and start paying right away.

What Is Astro pay card?

Astro Pay Card provides their users with prepaid virtual cards that can be used to make payments at over 100 different online retailers. You can pay with AstroPay without a bank account or a debit/credit card; for example, you can use your AstroPay card to secure the original debit and credit card.

  • Fee-free Astro pay card There are no extra costs.
  • Direct card-to-card money transfer

The nicest feature about AstroPay is that you can merge all of your cards into one card, changing the card number but keeping all balances in a single card.

The 16-digit card enables credit card deposits and quick money loading into your Astropy Account. You can just enter the card code on your shopping cart, gaming, and betting sites to pay for your shopping cart.

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What is Astropay Used for?

With Astropay, you can secure yourself while still completing your transaction without putting all of your money at danger, because you purchased Astropay for the amount you set.

AstroPay is a prepaid virtual card designed to enable you make the quickest and safest purchases possible. When you utilise Astropay, you will no longer need to use your previous payment methods.

Before you place a question mark on the Internet, astrology is the best approach to make your buy.

How to use AstroPay Promo Code?

Download the Astro pay app using our referral link, or open the app and select the sign up button. Fill out the enrollment form with your cellphone number, new password, and AstroPay promotion code. This Astro Pay Promo Code is only available if you download the Astro pay App.

Astro Pay Promo CodePEXLVj8E 
Using Referral Code GetFree 10$
Referral Bonus10$ Referral
Referral Friend programOnly For App
Astro pay Redeem CreditRecharge
Download LinkAstroPay

You will get a $10 gift card by email with the help of Astro Pay Promo Code; please update your email address in your profile area.

How To Do KYC for Astropay card?

You can easily complete your Astropay KYC with just a passport, a government ID, and a driver’s licence.

Send AstroPay card to your friends

If you wish to send an Astro pay card to a friend, just follow these steps.

Go to your wallet and choose the card you wish to send. Enter the recipient’s phone number on the next page. That is all.

Astro pay card features

  • There is no need to pay any extra money for the payment charge.
  • You can purchase an infinite number of virtual cards.
  • For foreign transactions, you can purchase USD using that card.
  • You must input OTP throughout the transaction (for a secure card transfer)

How to use Astro pay card?

The Astro Pay Card is a British product that can be used in hundreds of countries.

Here are some businesses where you can put it to use.

  • For example, 1xbet (Gaming)
  • Similarly, Paxfull (Bitcoin)
  • Betway 365 (Gaming)
  • Similarly, LocalBitCoin (Bitcoin)
  • GoDaddy (Domain, Hosting and SSL)

How to Share Astro pay Promo code?

How to Share Astro pay Promo code?

Astro Pay Promo code relates to your friends and social circle who will thereafter be compensated. In other words, Astro pay will pay you $10 for each successful referral.

Click on your profile area, then on the account, and then on Invite Friends to share your referral code.

If someone clicks on your referral link and downloads the Astropay app and signs up, you will receive a $10 incentive.

Astro Pay Promo code Details

1- The validity of this Astro Pay Promo Code is strictly limited to registered users whose recommended friends download, register, and then purchase at least one Astro Pay card through the Astro Pay Card mobile app using particular promotion links available on Facebook and partner sites. While the promotion is no longer available.

2- After the offer begins and continues, specific sharing links for this promotional code can be found on Facebook and partner sites. The user must already be registered in order to suggest a friend. The friend recommended using the official link will receive a code, which they must enter during the registration process.

3- The person participating in the campaign will be eligible for the prize only if his or her friend downloads the AstroPay Card mobile app, registers using the Astro Pay Promo Code acquired via the sharing link provided on Facebook and partner sites, and purchases the card using the AstroPay Card mobile app. Only when the referral buddy has fulfilled the above-mentioned processes will the participating user get a new $10 card within 24-48 business hours – from the purchase of the referral friend’s card on their AstroPay card mobile app account.

Astro Pay Referal criteria

1 – Only the user participating in the promotion, whose nominated friend follows all of the criteria outlined in the preceding paragraphs, is eligible to win. To put it another way, download the AstroPay card application, register by using the promotion code, then purchase a card using the AstroPay card mobile app.

As a result, the nominated friend who joins up without using the promotion code or does not purchase the AstroPay card through the AstroPay Card mobile app within the promotional period will not be deemed a partner and will not be eligible to earn the rewards. This will not do. The user that participated will receive a prize.

2 – Astropay will issue up to two $10 Astro cards to each user who participates in the programme, one for each recommended friend who satisfies the requirements outlined in these terms and conditions.

As a result, the participating user can win a $10 AstroPay card if he or she recommends one friend who meets the qualifications outlined in these terms and conditions, or he or she can receive two AstroPay cards. If he introduces two or more friends who match the requirements, they might receive $20 from Astro pay.

Astro Pay Card Unlimited VCC

Astro Pay Card is a Playstore app that allows you to establish an infinite VCC (virtual credit card) that can be used to purchase Web hosting, domains, Netflix and Hotstar trials, and other services.

There are several loot and cashback offers available from various brands. To take advantage of these deals, you will need many new cards, which you can obtain from Astropay.

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AstroPay Supported countries

Here is a list of countries where you can use the Astro Pay Card. You can also use the Referal Astro Pay Promo Code.

Astrope is a payment processing company that works with merchants in Latin America, China, and Turkey. Foreign merchants are exempt from the need for local incorporation, offices, or agents. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela, as well as Japan, China, Indonesia, Greece, and Turkey, accept the AstroPay card. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay all accept AstroPay Direct. Furthermore, AstroPay accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies in a variety of additional nations throughout the world.


Friends, you will find all of the information you need about Astro Pay Promo Code in this page. Finally, you can earn a lot of money by referring Astro pay promo code, so share it with your friends and family on social media and start earning.

There are various Astro Pay Promo Codes and discounts available for which you will require the Astro Pay app. First and foremost, remember to download the AstroPay smartphone app. So you can use the deals and get $10 right away.

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AstroPay paying online Tutorial

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