[Updated Today] Blue Archive Coupon Codes (Dec 2022) NEW!

[Updated Today] Blue Archive Coupon Codes (Dec 2022) NEW! Are you searching for new working Blue Archive Codes 2022? Continue reading for the Blue Archive Coupon Code to get free prizes...

Are you searching for new working Blue Archive Codes 2022? Continue reading for the Blue Archive Coupon Code and get free prizes without having to make use of any Blue Archive hacks or cheat codes!

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Follow¬†along¬†with¬†this¬†tutorial¬†to¬†find¬†out¬†how¬†you¬†can¬†get¬†the¬†most¬†current¬†and¬†always¬†functional¬†Blue¬†Archive¬†codes wiki,¬†and¬†we’ll¬†also¬†show¬†you¬†how¬†you¬†can¬†redeem¬†them¬†in¬†return¬†for¬†free¬†3-Star¬†troops,¬†a¬†boatload¬†of¬†Pyroxenes,¬†and¬†other¬†interesting¬†in-game¬†bonuses¬†as¬†well. You can also find the Blue Archive anniversary date code in this article.

What is Blue Archive Coupon Codes 2022?

The creators of Blue Archive have made available to players of the game a set of unique codes known as redeem codes, which the players may enter into the game to get intriguing in-game items. When you redeem a code in Blue Archive, you will be given a free in-game gift that is specific to that code. This reward will be given to you in-game. Redemption of codes in the Blue Archive wiki will be available once the game is made available to the public.

The developers will sometimes post these codes on festivals, new releases, special events, festivals, and other special occasions. These codes can be used in the game at no cost, but because they are only made available for the first one hundred players or less and for a limited time, you need to be more engaged with our content in order to ensure that you do not pass up the chance.

You won’t have to spend any money at all to get free in-game prizes from the Blue Archive, such as pyroxenes and other items if you use the information in this article. However, since these codes are difficult to come by, a significant portion of those listed on the internet are fake and of no use.

All Blue Archive Coupon Codes 2022

On this page, as of today, we have provided the most recent list of Blue Archive Coupon Codes that are active and can be redeemed for pyroxene, AP, Credits, and a variety of other unique things, such as Eleph, amongst others. These are the Blue Archive Coupon Codes that we have found so far (if you know additional codes, please post them in the comment box below; also let us know if a gift code is not working for you, thank you).


We have, as of this moment, included every free redemption code that is both currently active and available for Blue Archive. 

You are free to redeem these codes right now in order to receive all of the necessary three-star units, as well as unlimited free pyroxenes and a wide variety of other perks inside the game.

Blue Archive Codes List (working list)

  • BLUEUNITS2022: Enter this coupon code to get a random unit for free. (New Code!)
  • WAKAMO3S: Use this coupon code to get a free 3-Star.(New Code!)
  • UWOOOSEEEGSSS!: Use this coupon code to obtain a free reroll.
  • SUMMER2022: Use this coupon code to get 120 pyroxenes.
  • ILUVU2021SENSEI: Use this coupon code to get 120 pyroxenes.

Generate New Code


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These gift codes will become invalid after a few days, so you should redeem them as soon as possible and take the goodies to advance further in the game. Blue Archive Coupon Codes are time-limited. Because we monitor the release of new Blue Archive codes for this game, we strongly suggest that you check back to this website on a daily basis.

Please make sure that you input the redemption code in the game exactly as it appears in the list that is listed above. This includes paying attention to both the special characters and the case of the letters. Failing to do so may result in an invalid Blue Archive Coupon code.

Expired Codes for Blue Archive

As was explained, the Blue Archive Coupon Code will only be valid for a certain amount of time before it stops working. You may try redeeming these expired Blue Archive Coupon Codes and see if they work for you by following the steps outlined below: ‚Äď If you want to save money on your purchase, you can try redeeming these codes that have already expired.

  • You can get rewards by using this discount code, which is ILUVU2021SENSEI.
  • You can get benefits by using this discount code, which is 2021ARONACHAN.
  • WELCOMETOKIVOTOS2021: You can get rewards by using this promo code.

How To Redeem Coupon Codes In Blue Archive?

  1. First, start the Blue Archive game.
  2. If you go to the top-right corner of the game screen and tap on the menu symbol, then go all the way down till you reach the bottom, you will find an option for a coupon.
  3. Click on the Coupon Codes link.
  4. Put in the coupon codes here.
  5. Make use of the redemption code to get your rewards for free.

Note: In order to redeem the Blue Archive Codes, go to https://mcoupon.nexon.com/bluearchive if you are using an iOS device.

How To Find New Working Codes for Blue Archive?

The main social media accounts for the game, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, as well as the game’s official Discord server, have been updated with additional new Blue Archive Codes. In most cases, the gift vouchers are made available for public usage by the creators of the game on the occasion of special events such as the game’s milestones, popular occasions, collaborations, and special events. This list of gift codes will be updated with all of the newest redemption codes as soon as they become available. You can save a bookmark to this page, and then continue to check back here frequently for Blue Archive codes.

Blue Archive Cheats 2022

At this time, only codes for the Blue Archive can be obtained very easily. If we come across any further Blue Archive cheats or clues, we will be sure to update this site with the relevant information.

It is important to bear in mind that Blue Archive codes can only be redeemed for a limited length of time and that they might stop working at any moment, so you should act quickly and use them as soon as possible rather than waiting until later. 

In addition to that, please be aware that the case of words in these coupon codes matters.

Therefore, you should make it a habit to double-check that the code you enter is typed in precisely the same manner that it is shown and spelled out above, including any special characters and both capital and lowercase letters.

Blue Archive Coupon Codes Not Working?

In the event that any of the above-mentioned codes do not work as expected, please do not hesitate to let us know as soon as possible by using the comments area below; doing so will guarantee that our list of codes is always current and accurate.
We also search for new codes on a regular basis, so be sure to save this page to your bookmarks and come back often for updates.


Do you want the Blue Archive Coupon Codes 2022 that are certain to work, right? If your answer is “yes,” then you have found the perfect article because we are going to provide you with a Blue Archive coupon code that is guaranteed to work in the year 2022. You have the ability to redeem these Blue Archive codes in order to get a variety of in-game benefits.

This article will teach you how to redeem a Blue Archive Gift Code Global, which can be redeemed for in-game products such as coins, diamonds, and other stuff.

Therefore, this concludes our collection of Blue Archive Coupon Codes 2022.

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