Referral ID Code 40% Earning 1000$ Bonus [Feb 2023] Referral ID Code 40% Earning 1000$ Bonus [July 2022]

To receive a discount and cashback on the trading charge, use the referral code “11917403” on Using referral ID codes, you get a free sign up bonus and all cryptocurrency exchanges give a reduction on trading costs. We’ve created a referral id that pays you a commission when you trade crypto. For example, anytime you deposit any coin and purchase any cryptocurrency, you will receive a cashback discount after using the referral code.

If you create an account using the app, you can put the account id in place of invited by. This is the best referral code so far! Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Stores and enter account Id 11917403 in place of the invitation by to get a free $100 voucher.

When you sign up using the referral link, you will receive a 30% commission return on your trading costs.                   allows us to set the proportion of commission rebate to share with referrals (from 10% to 30%), and we are providing the maximum of 30% to anyone who join up using our referral link.

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Gate io referral code: 11917403

Gate.ioCrypto Exchange Reward Referral Code11917403
Refer & Earn OfferActive🟢
Signup Bonus100% discount
Per Referral40%

 How To Create An Account Using referral code?

Don’t know how to add gate io referral code? Creating an account on exchange is really straightforward; all you have to do is fill in some basic information and verify your email address.

  1. First and foremost, register with
  2. Password for email
  3. The referral code for is 11917403.
  4. If opening an account on the app, use the account id 11917403 in the invite by part. The referral code and id are the same, so don’t be confused.
  5. Check your email
  6. Deposit USDT, BTC, ETC, or any other cryptocurrency.
  7. Trade in any currency pair, such as USDT, BTC, or ETH.
  8. Get a sign up bonus, charge reduction, and cashback.

How To Earn from referral id offer

1. Invite your friends

Share the referral link on social media or in a chat group.

2. Your friend’s registration and trade

Your buddies sign up using your referral link and make a trade.

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3. Receive a commission bonus

You and your pal split a 40% commission award.

Features of Referral Program

  • There is no limit to the number of accounts a referrer could invite. For a period of 12 months, the referrer can earn a commission on the referee’s trading fee.
  • When a referee runs a trade-in spot market, a part of the trading fee produced is paid out as a commission.
  • The referral is ineligible if the referee and referrer share the same IP address or if the referrer account is less than one day old.
  • will reject and revoke any referral benefit if a user is caught cheating by registering in bulk.
  • maintains the right to finalize the Referral Program Rules and make modifications as needed.

What is

 How To Create An Account Using referral code?

Since its establishment in 2013, has endeavored to give its users the finest trading experience possible. In terms of trading volume, is one of the top ten crypto exchanges in the world, listing high-quality crypto assets with a high rate of return.

Gate Technology Inc. manages is committed to the security and the user experience, providing not only a secure, straightforward, and fair Bitcoin exchange but also pledging to protect your asset and transaction information.

Buying one cryptocurrency with another is known as crypto-to-crypto trading. Matching orders at the best price at the correct time is the procedure. Crypto may be simply swapped for crypto. The exchange between USDT and BTC is referred to as USDT/BTC.

Margin trading is the practice of using your crypto holdings as collateral to borrow more from an exchange in order to increase your trading power. Margin trading is similar to stock market margin trading in that investors use leverage to boost their earnings as well as their losses.

Recommended:Astro Pay Promo Code [2022] Upto $100 Signup Bonus’s perpetual contract trading is a cryptocurrency derivative that differs from typical futures in that it has no settlement date. Users can stay in their positions for as long as they choose. A perpetual contract is similar to spot trading.’s goal is to build a strong blockchain environment for its users. The team is developing unique goods and services that cater to the demands of all consumers using’s public blockchain ‘GateChain.’

A cryptocurrency derivative in which you can go long or short based on your forecast of future market movement. provides adjustable leverage for arbitrage and hedging. The highest leverage available is 100X. Start saving now by using our UID!


  • SSL Link is really secure.
  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet Software.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are instant.
  • Two-factor authentication is used.
  • Low cost. There is no deposit cost. Low transaction costs. Withdrawal fees are low, and withdrawal services are optional.
🎟️ Referral Code11917403
🏆 Bonus $100
🎁 Refer and Earn 40% Fees

What is Gate.Io Referral Program?

The referral program allows you to earn up to 50% of your friends’ fees; simply ask them to trade on using your referral link or code, and you’ll earn a commission on their trading costs!

FAQs about Referral Code

What is the Referral Code?

The referral code for is 11917403.

Is safe? has a variety of security and safety in place, and it is a reasonably well-established crypto exchange when especially in comparison to some of the alternatives on the market; however, it is crucial to monitor some personal safety precautions, such as never investing more than you are willing to lose, never allowing large amounts in centralized exchanges – instead, you should get a hardware wallet where you keep your crypt – having a very strong and unique password
Finally, because cryptocurrency is a volatile market and is always a dangerous investment, any firm that bases its business strategy on cryptocurrencies is likewise risky.

Does require KYC? does not require KYC for all of its services, but some do, therefore if you want to access all of’s capabilities, you should be aware that you will need to pass KYC.


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If you want to sign up for a account, you can use our Referral Code / Referral ID / UID.

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