Night Agent Redeem Codes [Dec 2022] New Updated Codes!!!

Game developer HK TAIHE INTERACTIVE LIMITED created the Action game Night Agent. As a way of saying “thank you” to the game’s devoted fans, the editors and producers often offer New Night Agent Redeem Codes 2022. You’ll get supplies, tools, and accessories like money, luck, and a boost from them. Each and every person receives the same incentives. You can only use them once, so be cautious!

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Massive action fighting is included in the ARPG on iOS and Android devices, Night Agent: I’m the Savior. When a new student shows up here, it immediately appears strange and interesting. This is where the tale starts. When it found out that the student was really a resurrected demon, the heroes’ suspicions were confirmed, and they now must band together to battle evil.

Night Agent Codes 2022

At noteworthy events like anniversaries or milestones, game makers will often give their users exclusive Night Agent Redeem Codes. When you need additional assistance and are stuck on a challenging quest, these codes might be helpful.

These Night Agent Redeem Codes can be found on several websites that are accessible over the internet or on the game’s social media profiles on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. The Night Agent gift codes are listed below: The Saviour is me. For a chance to win rewards, type them properly.

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How To Get Free Night Agent Codes?

Free Night Agent Redeem Codes

Gift codes for Night Agent can be found published on the game’s main social media platforms, which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. The majority of the time, the codes are only made available to the public by the developers on momentous occasions such as festivals, collaborations, milestones, and special events. When new redemption codes become available, we will add them here and update the article accordingly. You should bookmark this page and come back often to see if there are any new Night Agent Redeem Codes.

Latest Night Agent Redeem Codes

Night Agent CodesRewards
OVQJACRQPBCH Redeem this code for Diamonds x50, Energy x50(New Code!)
OVQJACRQVNMARedeem this code for Rough Core x10, Ten-Year-Old Amber x10 (New Code!)
OVQJADHBKPPXRedeem this code for Basic Fabric x50, Rough Core x10
OVQJAXSABTLIRedeem this code for Scratch Card x1, Diamond x50
OVQJAWBZQVXBMoney x10000, Energy x50, Purify Stone x30, Star Dust x30
OVQJAIAMXEHNRedeem this code for Money x10000, Energy x50

Night Agent Codes Generator

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How To Redeem Night Agent Codes?

Redeem Night Agent Codes

Discovering how to apply them in the game is necessary before exploring the list of redeemable codes. They would be wasted otherwise. To get the game’s gift codes, follow the methods listed below:

Step 1: Start the game, choose the “Avatar” icon on the left side of the screen, then select “Personal Information.”
Step 2: Select the “Pack exchange” icon from the list of options in the newly opened window.
Step 3: Enter the available codes in the field labeled “Enter your Night Agent Codes” 
Step 4: Tap “Redeem” to complete the action.

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About Night Agent: I’m the Savior Game

Featuring massive action combat, the mobile ARPG Night Agent: I’m the Savior features. The story begins when a new student shows in and initially comes off as a bit odd and unusual. The student’s identification as a reborn demon proved the heroes’ suspicions to be correct, and now the valiant heroes must band together to battle evil.

assemble a group of strong, well-rounded heroes who will support one another in combat, and then set out to exterminate a great number of demons and the dark world’s henchmen. Prepare to face deadly and terrifying demon monsters by using effective combinations of attacks, spells, and magic, boosting the abilities of your heroes.


Use the following Night Agent Redeem Codes to unlock a variety of gaming rewards, but keep in mind that they have a limited window of time before they can no longer be used. Use the Night Agent gift codes to summon the strong agents and drive the demons from the earth by engaging them in thrilling battles.

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