Rebirth Island Bunker Code List [Feb 2023] – COD (Updated!)

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Rebirth Island Bunker Code List [July 2022] - COD (Updated!)

Rebirth Island Bunker Code – Hello gamers, if you’re not sure how to access Call of Duty Warzone’s yellow door bunker at Rebirth Island, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We have provided the latest rebirth island bunker code list below.

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While everyone is getting pumped about COD Season 5 Reloaded, there are still unanswered questions surrounding Rebirth Island. The warzone rebirth island bunker code is the best way to get free rewards in COD. The fascinating thing is that creators continue to include different easter eggs in order to keep fans engaged in the COD Warzone game.

That is why, in this post, we will provide some of the most recent Rebirth Island Bunker codes and the process of redeeming them, so let’s get started.

Rebirth Island Bunker Code 2022

The following are the warzone rebirth bunker codes 2022:

CODE 1425
CODE 214
CODE 3627
FINAL CODE42514627

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The first three codes are the rebirth island bunker codes, and the next stage is to build the rebirth island bunker code. Following that, there will be one two-digit and two three-digit codes, resulting in the format XXX-XX-XXX. The bunker code rebirth island must be entered in the correct format to get the rewards.

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How to Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker Yellow Entrance

It will take some effort to enter the bunker rebirth island. It challenged gamers to not only race around the area, but also put together the code required to access the in-game room.

It should be noted that not all of the COD Warzone locations for the first stage have yet been located. Here is the best method for unlocking the yellow door to Rebirth Island Bunker.

  • To begin, simply seek the open suitcase with three photographs of Rebirth Island.
  • Explore the in-game locales shown in the photographs.
  • Take careful note of the numbers found in each of the three places.
  • Then, using the dash on each number, arrange them in the desired sequence.
  • Then, on the bunker door, input the code.

The most challenging element of the easter egg is occasionally locating the numbers, and players must arrange the numbers in a certain sequence. Use the code from our rebirth island bunker code list.

Briefcase Location on Rebirth Island

There are 13 briefcases scattered over Rebirth Island, and these are the first hint to unlocking the Yellow Door. They do have predetermined spawning, but only one spawns every game, so you’ll need to run around the area quickly, and having a well-oiled squad will help you finish this task. It’s fortunately pretty huge, so you shouldn’t have any problem locating bunker rebirth island. The rebirth island bunker locations are shown in the above picture

Briefcase Location on Rebirth Island
Rebirth island bunker location

Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards

A warzone bunker would be incomplete without some sort of prize. The primary reward is the Milano SMG COD Warzone Red Room blueprint. This model looks to have a suppressor, a handle, a magazine, a red-dot sight, and maybe the most recent stock, in addition to a stunning red color scheme.

COD Black Ops Cold War is also included in this edition, and because it is currently the only method to obtain it, gamers should take advantage of this COD easter egg. You can avail these rewards with the help of the rebirth island bunker code list mentioned above.

FAQs for Rebirth Island Bunker Code

What is the Rebirth Island Bunker Code?

In COD Warzone, Rebirth Island Bunker Code is a unique code obtained from in-game places and used to obtain free loot and incentives.

How To Enter Rebirth Island Bunker Code?

The code is entered by the players in the pattern XXX-XX-XXX.

What is Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards?

What are Rebirth Island Bunker Rewards?

The main rewards are a Milano SMG with a handle, a magazine, a red-dot sight, and maybe new stocks.

How To Actually Open The Rebirth Island Bunker?

The first step is to locate the suitcase in order to access the Rebirth Island Bunker.

Second The Photographs denote the presence of three photographs on the ground adjacent to the briefcase. Finally, put the codes together and open the Bunker.

What is the Final Code To Unlock Rebirth Island Bunker?

42514627 is the last code to access Rebirth Island Bunker.

How Many Bunkers Available On Rebirth Island?

Rebirth Island has three Golden Vaults Bunkers available.

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COD Warzone continues to attract players and keep them entertained with these rewards. Rebirth Island Bunker is a fantastic place to build memories, have fun, and curse the sniper perched atop the tower.

I hope you enjoyed this short rabbit hunt for COD Warzone Red Room Blueprints. And with the assistance of our Reborn Bunker Codes, your in-game efforts and adventures may be made a bit simpler. If you have any questions on Rebirth Island Bunker, please leave a remark.

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COD Warzone Golden Bunkers Rebirth Island Tutorial


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