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[Updated Today] Revived Witch Codes (October 2022) NEW!

Are you interested to look at the New Revived Witch Codes 2022? You’ll be able to access a complete list of redemption codes on this page, which will allow you to claim a variety of free and unique gifts right now. Why don’t we just jump right in, shall we?

Revived Witch is a game that has the ability to effortlessly attract even the most inexperienced player due to its stunning two-dimensional pixelated visuals and three-dimensional appearing animations and renderings. This game is a combination of adventure and gacha, with a dash of strategy thrown in. The end result is a game in which you explore a huge and wonderful globe while a small group of Dolls assists you in bringing back peace.

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That should be plenty to pique your interest in the game, so without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest Revived Witch codes that have been released.

The newly updated list of working Gift Codes can be found on our free Revived Witch Codes Wiki. Get the latest active Revived Witch promo codes, then redeem them for the free rewards associated with the gift codes.

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What is a Revived Witch Code?

Revived Witch Redeem codes, also known as Revived Witch Gift codes, are similar to one-time-use vouchers that are made accessible to each player for utilization in the game.

These codes are unique due to the fact that the creators of the game only make them available on rare occasions. Codes like this are difficult to come across, and when you do discover them, they are almost always time- or use-limited.

All Revived Witch Codes 2022

Simply enabling notifications for PeekDeep.com by clicking the blue bell symbol located in the bottom left corner of your screen will allow you to avoid this issue and ensure that you are among the first people to redeem these codes. In this manner, you will be updated immediately if this list receives any new Revived Witch Redeem codes.

All Revived Witch Codes 2022

As of the date that this article was published, we have provided the most up-to-date list of Revived Witch Codes that are still active. These codes can be redeemed in-game for things such as money, stamina potions, and other special items such as avatar frames and soul cryolite, amongst others.

These are the Revived Witch Codes that we have found so far (if you know additional codes, please share them with us in the comment box below; in addition, let us know if a gift code is not working for you by providing feedback): –

Revived Witch Codes List

210bd00caRedeem this code to get exclusive rewards. (New Code!)
SPRINGFESTIVALRedeem this code to get a Cloth Tiger. (New Code!)
932897Redeem this code to get rewards. (New Code!)
THEBEGINNINGRedeem this code for a Kitty Cat Avatar Frame, 3 Soul Cryolite, and a Full Stamina Potion.
ADVENTUREBEGINSRedeem this code to get Stamina Elixirs and Soul Cryolite.

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You only have a short amount of time to redeem your Revived Witch gift codes before they become invalid. Because these gift codes become invalid after a few days, you should redeem them as soon as possible and receive the benefits to advance further in the game. Because we are always on the lookout for fresh Revived Witch gift codes for this particular game, we strongly suggest that you check back with this page on a regular basis.

Please ensure that you input the redemption code in the game exactly as it appears in the list that we have provided above, including any special characters and the appropriate case for the letters. Failing to do so may result in an invalid Revived Witch Code (capital & small letters).

Revived Witch Codes: List of all Revived Witch gift codes

As was just explained, the Revived Witch gift Codes will only be valid for a certain amount of time before they become invalid. You may try redeeming these expired Revived Witch gift codes and see if they work for you by following the steps outlined below: – 

You may try redeeming these expired Revived Witch gift codes and see if they work for you by following the steps outlined below: – 

  • springfestival –  gift code you need to redeem for free prizes.
  • adventurebegins – This gift ticket may be redeemed for three Stamina Elixirs and two Soul Cryolite.
  • THEBEGINNING: In exchange for entering this gift code, you will get a Kitty Cat Avatar Frame, one Full Stamina Potion, and three Soul Cryolite.

How to use Codes in Revived Witch?

  1. Start Revived Witch game.
  2. To enter the lobby, touch the Avatar in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the Other Settings option after you’ve arrived there.
  4. Simply access the Redemption Code screen by clicking on the button labeled “Redeem Code.”
  5. Please input the redemption code for the pack by selecting the “Please enter the redemption code for the pack” section, selecting a gift code from the list of available codes, and entering it.
  6. To claim your prizes, just click the button labeled “Confirm”
How to use Codes in Revived Witch?

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How to find new working codes for Revived Witch?

The main social media accounts for the game, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit, as well as the game’s official Discord server, have been updated with additional new Revived Witch Codes. In most cases, the gift codes are made available for public consumption by the creators of the game on the occasion of special events such as the game’s milestones, popular occasions, collaborations, and special events. This list of gift codes will be updated with all of the newest redemption codes as soon as they become available. You should add a bookmark to this page, and be sure to come back and check for Revived Witch gift vouchers on a frequent basis.


Therefore, this concludes all that can be covered in this article on revived witch codes. Invite codes for Revived Witch are available for sharing down below.

Have we overlooked any codes? Be sure to let us know by posting a comment down below, and we will promptly update the list with the new information.

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