Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2023 (Share Market, Stocks, Mutual Funds) No Brokerage

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A stock market is a place where you can buy or sell stocks of various companies. In this post, we’ve mentioned the TOP 5 BEST TRADING APPS IN INDIA 2022 (SHARE MARKET, STOCKS, MUTUAL FUNDS) WITH NO BROKERAGE to earn money. The buying and selling of stocks take place on the stock exchange. Stock exchanges are places where sellers and buyers meet to trade stocks. These are the Best trading apps in India to earn money without investment.

There are two prominent stock exchanges in India – NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). NSE is more popular among investors as it accounts for more than 75% of the total trading volumes in India.

The stock market works on the basis of demand and supply. If there is more demand, the price of a particular stock increases, while if there is more supply, the price goes down. Many of you ask Which is the best trading app in India? Which trading app is best in 2021? Which trading app is best for beginners?

The stock market is an ever-changing, dynamic sector that changes every second. Investors need to keep track of the latest updates, news, and events in the stock trading world and make smart decisions.

Investors can trade stocks through a trading account with a broker or through a DEMAT account linked to their bank account. For trading in stocks, an investor needs a Demat Account to facilitate the buying and selling of securities. These apps are top 5 trading apps for stocks in India in 2022.

List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022

  • Groww App
  • Kite by Zerodha
  • Upstox
  • HDFC Securities Mobile Trading
  • Angel Broking App

1. Groww App

List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022 groww app

Groww is one of the most dependable mutual fund apps in the best mutual fund apps category. Groww is the greatest mutual fund app in India because of its simplicity and transparency. By completing a paperless KYC, you may begin investing in mutual funds with Groww. This is no doubt the best trading app in India 2022 for beginners.

On Groww, there are no account setup fees or brokerage/commissions while purchasing or selling funds. It also has a number of articles, videos, and insights on the fund, making it a more useful learning tool for novice investors. Furthermore, this app is the finest mutual fund app for Android, with an intuitive user interface that allows for quick and easy navigation.

  • User-friendly, straightforward, and uncluttered user interface.
  • Ordering is as simple as clicking a button.
  • An app that is safe and secure.
  • Account opening is instantaneous and without the use of paper.
  • Price changes and historical performance are depicted using candlestick charts.
  • Complete information on all Indian firms that are publicly traded.

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2. Kite by Zerodha

List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022 kite by zerodha

If you wish to go into the trading profession, Zerodha is presently the top trading app in India. The business has released the Zerodha Kite mobile app, which allows customers to make use of all the benefits of trading by just using their phones. They offer a fantastic user interface and aesthetics, making it much easier to use. They give traders the most up-to-date market information and analysis, which is based on more than 100 technical indicators.

It is easy to identify and comprehend all of the available functions. You may use the smart search box to obtain important information about individual exchanges and to follow the performance of such shares. It is one of the best trading apps in India for beginners.

The services that are offered include customer support, which makes it easy to answer all of your questions. This software is now rated as the greatest trading app available.

Important Characteristics

  1. They use cutting-edge technology.
  2. It has a dark mode option.
  3. Biometric authentication for increased safety and security.
  4. Has console reports and widgets built-in.
  5. ChartIQ and Trading View charts using ChartIQ.
  6. You will receive an immediate update after placing your purchase.
  7. Receive push alerts when your order is updated.
  8. Marketwatch and holdings provide filtering and search features.
  9. Multi-Marketwatch displays that may be customized.
  10. Positions with many exits.

Zerodha is one of India’s largest bargain brokers. It is suitable for all sorts of traders and comes with a variety of deals. Customizable multi-Marketwatch views are available. In addition, the delivery brokerage is nothing, and intraday brokerage is Rs.20 per order.


List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022 upstox

Another well-known trading program, especially for novices. They provide a variety of platforms, including mutual funds, digital gold, IPOs, NFOs, and the stock market. Top investors such as Ratan Tata and Tiger Global have funded Upstox. Upstox offers its customers a trading platform that is quick, safe, and easy to use. This is the best option trading app in India 2022.

The business’s application One of the low-cost apps is Upstox Pro. It boasts a simple, clutter-free design with a smooth interface. There are day and night settings to choose from, and you may flip between them as needed. You may begin by registering for a free Upstox Demat account. The whole trade and account opening procedure are paperless, and everything will be transparent online.

Upstox offers free delivery and costs a flat Rs.20 fee for intraday and F&O trades. They have roughly 29 lakh+, satisfied investors and merchants, as of now.


  1. The program is simple to use as well as secure.
  2. All work will be done digitally and without the use of paper.
  3. No commissions on stock purchases.
  4. Intraday trading, F&O, commodities, and currencies orders are charged at a flat rate of Rs.20 per order.
  5. Each stock’s charts, financial data, and news are all available.
  6. Advanced charting tools aid in making well-informed trading judgments.
  7. Place the order based on your current location, such as scrip information, charts, or market depth.
  8. Payments with Smart Transfer, Net Banking, BHIM, or GPay
  9. Make as many customizable watchlists as you like.
  10. There is a demo available for you to try out live stocks prices and quotes from NSE, BSE & MCX.

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4. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading

List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022 HDFC Securities Mobile Trading

HDFC Securities Mobile Trading is a third-party service provided by HDFC Securities.
Another good example of a good trading app in India is HDFC Securities. The program allows users to log in using biometrics and facial recognition. It is one of the safest trading programs available. The app gives you real-time market data, interactive demos, and daily research calls to help you make informed investing decisions.

It’s simple to use, and there’s also the possibility of getting help, making it more beneficial for any trading possibilities that emerge. You may trade both stocks and derivatives here.

In real-time, you will receive frequent information on market movements.


  1. You may trade in stock and derivatives using the app.
  2. In a single click, you may get instant stock information.
  3. Various watchlists make it simple to follow and trade.
  4. An intraday chart in real-time.
  5. Find the next investing opportunity by tapping.

The HDFC Securities Mobile Trading app uses a secure biometric login, making it safer to use. Intraday real-time charting is included. You may also deal in many assets at once here.

5. Angel Broking App

List of Top 5 Best Trading Apps in India 2022 angel broking app

It is another excellent trading software in India. You may effortlessly do trade using this program. It includes more than 40 technical indicators. The app includes features such as 40+ technical indicators, SmartBuzz, and Sensible, which will keep traders up to date on the newest market news and allow them to trade appropriately.

The firm has built a reputation as a dependable Web Trading Platform, Trading Terminal, Robo Advisory Platform, and Mutual Fund Web application. Best trading app in India to earn money!

In addition, the app includes best-in-class innovation and a beautiful User-Interface that makes it simple to use. It has a lot of useful features for investors who are serious about their investments.

Important Characteristics

  1. Prices and intraday charts are streamed live.
  2. Index-beating results with personalized advice.
  3. Create separate watch lists for each phase.
  4. In-depth market research on India and the rest of the world.
  5. Get real-time news updates and market movements.
  6. Easily keep track of your portfolio
  7. Advisory calls and a comprehensive research report
  8. Charts for a more in-depth look at stocks

Angel Broking App is a full-fledged brokerage firm. It comes with a personalized recommendation. It also comes with a variety of watchlists for different areas.

Final Verdict

These were the top 5 apps for stock trading in India to earn money without investment!

Trading is a very good investment in your own life. There are many people who trade and earn a lot of money. But there are many people who don’t know how to trade

In this post, I will tell you how you can learn to trade? The best APP for the stock market. And the best brokers in India. You can also see some useful tips related to trading. Also, check out the Best Cryptocurrency mining apps to get rich!

What is Trading?

Trading means buying and selling goods or services. In India, trading is done online through the stock market and share market. There are two different types of markets available in India, firstly Share Market and secondly Stock Market.

What is Share Market?

Share Market is where we buy and sell shares of companies. The share market has two types: first Cash Market and second Future & Option (F&O) Market.

What is Stock Market?

The stock market is where we buy and sell stocks of companies. Stocks are those securities that give you benefits for a lifetime for example Dividends, Bonuses, Rights, etc.

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