best voice changer app for girl voice in bgmi,free fire and more

best voice changer app for girl voice in bgmi,free fire and more
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If you play Free Fire, BGMI, PUBG or any other online game, you must have thought about changing your voice and trolling other player. There is so much fun you can do with a voice changer app. Today I am going to share with you the best voice changer app for girl voice and other funny voices in bgmi/pubg, free fire, codm, and many more games. Voice changers are fun but most of them do not work in online games such as free fire and bgmi. Many of you ask me we want a voice changer app free fire like Raistar.

You can download this voice changer apk for free from play store. This voice changer is able to change you in game voice. You can use this voice changer for gaming in android. This is no doubt the best voice changer for gaming for Android. This is one of the best voice changer apps for PC. This app allows you to change your voice like a girl in free fire and other games. There is also a unique feature in this app which lets to change your voice to cartoon voice in free fire and bgmi. The download link for Raistar voice changer app is given below.

best voice changer app for android voice changer with effects

This is the best voice changer for male to female voice live. You just have to choose the voice that you want to change into and then tap on the mic button. There are various options to choose from. You can changer your voice from a girl to a alien. This is the best app to have fun with your firends. You can change you live ingame voice using this voice changer app. It is the best voice changer app for android and IOS devices. This app is lightweight so it does not affect your gaming performance. Click on the download button above and download free fire voice changer apk realme for free.

best voice changer app for girl voice in bgmi,free fire and more Download & Change your voice in online games and prank your friends, best voice changer app for girl voice in bgmi,free fire, codm & any other

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features of the app

  • Male voice
  • Female voice
  • Child voice
  • Old man voice
  • Alien voice
  • Drunk man voice
  • Crying children voice
  • Villain voice
  • and much more…

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why use voice changers?

Voice changers helps to change your voice to any other voice that you want. For example you want to prank someone, you can simply change your voice to a female voice. It very helpful tool if you make youtube videos or do live streams. You can troll people in online games and get their reactions. A lot of people love to watch this type of content.


At last, Voice changers are fun to play around and you should definetly have one app installed on your smartphone. If you like this post please don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section down below. Also check out our other posts. I hope you learn something new today.

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