GunBlood Cheats, Codes, and Level Codes List [2023]

GunBlood Cheats, Codes, and Level Codes List [2022]
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You’ll find all of the Gunblood cheats codes and level codes in this post. On Android, Gunblood is a western shootout gunfight game. Gunblood Cheats can be used to enable invincibility mode, endless ammo, increased firing rate, and improved aim.

You will be able to defeat opponents far more easily if you use these tricks.

Gunblood is also available in your browser on crazy games for those of you who love browser games.

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List of all GunBlood cheats

All of the possible cheat codes are listed below:

  • FASTFIRE: Use this code to click and shoot quicker. As a result, your fire rate will increase tremendously.
  • MOREAMMO: To activate limitless ammo mode, enter this code. However, in order to play more games, you must shoot the assistants in all bonus rounds.
  • NOHIT: To activate invincibility, enter this code. Even if you fail the round’s objectives, you can still lose.
  • POINTER: You can add a laser pointer to the gun using this code. You’ll be able to shoot more accurately this way.

GunBlood Level Codes

You can play any Gunblood stage directly using the codes below:

LevelsCheat Code
  • Bonus Stage 01: BONUS1
  • Bonus Stage 02: BONUS2
  • Bonus Stage 03: BONUS3
  • Bonus Stage 04: BONUS4

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How to use GunBlood cheat codes

How to use GunBlood cheats codes
  • To use the cheat codes, you must first start a game.
  • Then, on the character choosing screen, you’ll be able to select your character from a list of ten pre-made options.
  • Below that is a text input form with the term cheat written next to it.
  • Any cheat code from the preceding lists can be copied and pasted into the text area.
  • You’ll be able to utilize all of the perks and enhancements it unlocks after clicking cheat.

GunBlood Tips for Beginners

By keeping in mind a few fundamental principles, you can boost your performance without utilizing Gunblood cheats:

  • It makes no difference if you are hit by a bullet, which can happen at any point throughout a conflict. If you return fire, inflicting additional fatal wounds on your opponent may still win you the round.
  • You lose in a deathmatch and must restart, but you do not lose in a draw game. You can proceed to the next round despite your lesser score.
  • The chest, which is a large target, is the greatest place to start. If you hit your opponent in the chest, he or she may fall, and if your shot goes high, you may obtain a headshot.
  • Be prepared for your opponent to keep firing if he or she appears to be on the edge of collapsing. Continue shooting the body until the timer runs out and you’re certain you’ve won.
  • You can get points in bonus rounds, but don’t shoot the assistant who throws bottles at you (or aim carefully to shoot bottles off the assistant, in a later event).

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Gunblood all weapons cheats

All of the weapons, as well as additional cheat codes, are listed below. It will make the game easier to play!

  • Machine gun cheat = MACHINE98
  • shotgun cheat = SHORTNUG
  • Double guns cheat = WITH TWO GUN
  • PC cheat = ALLO PC
  • god mode cheat = GOD MOD
  • para remastered cheat = REMASTERED
  • walk-through cheats = WALKTHROUGH
  • gunblood 2 cheats = 2 GUNBLOOD

This page contains all of the information you need regarding GunBlood cheats and level codes. Check out our other video game cheats guides if you’re looking for more video game cheats and codes.

FAQs for GunBlood

Who created GunBlood Game?

Andrew Wolf’s Wolf Games produced the game GunBlood in 2010.

What are cheats for Gunblood?

NOHIT: Invincibility mode is enabled.
MOREAMMO: for “Infinite Ammo.”
POINTER: You now have a laser pointer on your gun, which greatly enhances your aim.
FASTFIRE: Your guns’ fire rate has been increased.

All GunBlood cheats video guide


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