FFX Airship Codes & Secret Coordinates 2023 [New Updated!]

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FFX Airship Codes & Secret Coordinates 2022 [New Updated!]

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is the remastered version of Final Fantasy X and X-2 for the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It has enhanced Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2’s maps, graphics, lighting, and shadows, among other aspects. And airships are a vital component of transportation. This page lists all of the FFX and X-2 airship codes and hidden coordinates that can be used for free.

🛍 FFX and X-2 Airship Codes and Hidden Coordinates 2022Below
🟢 Last Updated March 2, 2024

The secret coordinates for the airship are a series of numbers that are used to find the location of the FFX airship. These coordinates can be entered into the text box in order to get the airship location on your map and find out how to enter it into your phone.

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list of all Airship Codes and Coordinates in FFX & X-2 HD Remaster

The primary mode of transportation is an airship, and these codes allow you to teleport to secret places. They are listed below:

Coordinates for Hidden Areas:

  • Mi’ihen Ruins:

Mi’ihen Ruins’ coordinates are X33, Y55. This will let you acquire Sonar, Rikku’s weapon.

  • Baaj Temple:

Baaj Temple’s coordinates are X11, Y57. The Temple is where Anima can be received.

  • Battle Site:

Battle Site’s coordinates are X39, Y59. This will let you to retrieve the Phantom Bangle from Lulu’s armour.

  • Omega Ruins:

The Omega Ruins are located at X69, Y32. It is a Dungeon containing a Superboss.

  • Sanubia Sands:

X12, Y44 are the coordinates for Sanubia Sands. This will let you to gain Ascalon, the weapon of Tidus.

  • Besaid Falls:

Besaid Falls’ coordinates are X29, Y74. This will let you to gain the Dragoon Lance, Kimahri’s weapon.

List is all Airship Codes and Coordinates in FFX & X-2 HD Remaster

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Exclusive Areas CODES:


This code will transfer you and your group to Mushroom Rock Road, where a chest contains the Godhand Celestial Weapon.


This code will transfer you and your group to Besaid and provide you access to a chest containing Rikku’s Armor.


This code will transfer you and your group to a new location in Besaid in order to acquire Murasame, Auron’s weapon.

How to use FFX Airship Codes 2022?

The Final Fantasy X Airship codes are the coordinates of the ship’s safe zone.

When you enter a new area, you’ll have to find a way onto the airship. There are three ways to get there:

1) The first is by using the airship codes; they are listed below.

2) The second way is through a secret path that only appears after completing one of the side quests (see below).

3) The third way is by using an item called the “Summon Magicite”. This item will allow you to summon an airship wherever it is located and use its coordinates as your own.

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Different Types of FFX & X-2 Codes

Different Types of FFX & X-2 Codes

There are many codes and secret coordinates in this game that you can unlock by completing challenges and finding hidden items.

There are three types of codes:

  • Secret Coordinates – These are the coordinates that will help you find an item or secret in the game.
  • Challenge Codes – These are codes that can be used during challenges to earn extra points or to skip challenges.
  • Trophies – These are trophies that you can earn by completing a certain task online.


These are the codes and coordinates for every Airship in Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (FFX). These codes can be entered into your Airship to fly/teleport to these locations. Hopefully, this tutorial has cleared all your questions. You could also check out our instructions for other games on the Peek Deep website.

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In the latter parts of the game, the group will rely heavily on the Airship as their primary means of transportation. It also boasts a number of hidden features, any of which may be accessed by either using passwords or looking up the corresponding locations on a map of Spira’s world. The lists containing all of the passwords and coordinates for the airship can be found above.

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