Genshin Impact Codes [2023] Free Primogems (Unused!)

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Genshin Impact Codes [July 2022] Free Primogems (Unused!)

If you’re looking for the Latest Genshin Impact Codes 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find all of the active codes for redeeming and unlocking characters, obtaining weapons, acquiring gold, and much more.

Our collection of Genshin Impact Codes 2022 will provide you with free in-game prizes for massive open-world RPGs. If you’re new to the amazing world of Tayawat, check out our Genshin Impact Free Accounts. Once you’ve finished the game, check out our Genshin Impact Redeem Codes list to see get the finest characters.

🛍 Genshin Impact Codes 2022 Below
✅ Genshin Impact Codes StatusActive
🟢 Last Updated June 17, 2024
🆕 New Active CodesYes
🎁 New CodesEvery 2 days

Now, let’s get back to these codes. Mihoyo, the game’s developer, periodically distributes Genshin Impact Codes 2.8, which grant you in-game items like as PrimoGems, Mora, Adventurer’s Experience, and more. In this post, we will present a list of all available codes as well as guide you through the processes to redeem codes. We’ll keep this list up to date with new Genshin Livestream codes as they become available.

You’re joining the numerous gamers in Genshin Impact, so you’re probably hoping for some free goods for yourself! After all, it’s a gacha game, which means that in order to truly advance in the game, you’ll need to unlock characters, obtain weapons, and gain cash in order to stay up with everyone else. You’re in luck because by inputting a code, you can get some free items!

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These Genshin Impact Codes 2022 should now be available to all Genshin Impact players! They have also included a means for you to redeem them if you play on PlayStation. Learn how in the section below this page!

Genshin Impact Codes 2022 Active Codes

  • MTNUJBXDD72R – Redeem this code to receive 60 primogems and 5 adventurer’s experience prizes for free (New Code!)
  • ZSPDKSC3V8V5 – Use this code to obtain 60 primogems and 5 adventurers’ experience (New Code!)
  • GENSHINGIFT – Redeem this coupon for 50 primogems and three hero’s wit. This code will not expire.
  • 5SPDKV8ZHBFV – Enter this code to receive 100 primogems and 50,000 mora.
  • PSNVJURZZSD9 – Enter this code to receive 100 primogems and five hero’s wit.
  • SA7V2DRZGAU5 – Enter this code to receive 100 primogems and ten mystic enhancement ores.

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Disclaimer: This website does not promote illegal content; all content on this site is provided solely for entertainment purposes.

We will continue to update the Genshin Impact Codes wiki here. Every day, we remove the expired free codes. So that players continue to receive new redeem codes. To receive Genshin Impact Codes Today 2022, there is no need to verify or register.

Expired Genshin Impact Codes 2022 

We will show you some expired Genshin Impact Codes 2022 in this part. All of these codes have expired and are no longer valid. These codes are strictly for your information.

  • GenshinZHB30 — Redeem code to receive 160 free Primogems.
  • KTNSCQWW922M— Enter code to receive 100 free Primogems and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore.
  • GENSHINMHY0M— (America) Redeem the coupon to receive 30 free Primogems.
  • UTNBBGSZ3NQM—Redeem the code to receive 100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora for free.
  • GENSHIN1006U— (Europe) Redeem the voucher to receive 60 Primogem and 10,000 Mora for free.
  • Genshin0928A— (Asia) Redeem the voucher to receive 60 Primogem and 10,000 Mora for free.
  • ET7ADQFF8KJR—Enter code to receive 100 free Primogems and x5 Hero’s Wit.
  • SBNBUK67M37Z—Redeem the coupon to receive 30 free Primogems and x5 Adventurer Experience.
  • cuupmbjsvd— Enter the code to receive 50 Primogems for free.
  • S6SU367M279—Enter code to receive 100 free Primogems and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

What are Genshin Impact Promo Codes?

What is Genshin Impact Promo Codes?

Mihoyo occasionally grants players Genshin Impact Codes 2022, which can be Primogems, Mora, or something else. It usually publishes them around the time of a new game update, so keep an eye out for that. You may use these Genshin Impact Codes 2022 to unlock characters, gain weapons, and obtain money for free in-game prizes. This code is beneficial to all Genshin Impact game enthusiasts, so check out our current Genshin Impact Codes 2022 list and enjoy your free gifts.

Free Giveaways for Genshin Impact

While not the same as Genshine Impact Codes, there are some fantastic Genshine Impact giveaways that can earn you some free goods. You can use the genshin Livestream codes 2022. Here are the ones that are currently active:

Test Run – Ayaka of Genshin Impact, Ningguang of Genshin Impact, Chongyun of Genshin Impact, and Yanfei of Genshin Impact are now on the test run. Playing as each of them grants you Primogem, Adventurer’s Experience, Mystic Growth Ore, and Mora.

How To Get Genshin Impact Primogems?

In the game, there are several ways to obtain Primogem for free. Here are several examples:

  • Quest: Completing some good old-fashioned quests nets you some money.
  • Chests: Opening chests in-game is an excellent way to obtain PrimoGems
  • Shrine: Temple Unlocking and Fast-Travel Points You Can Make Money PrimeGames
  • Achievements: These are the objectives you may fulfill in the game that also provide you with points. Primogem
  • Daily Commissions: These adventures become available at rank 12 and include rewards for accomplishment, such as Primogem. You will receive a bonus if you meet all four daily commissions.
  • Mail: Mihoyo frequently distributes free PrimoGems as promotions or to compensate for wasted maintenance work.
  • Starglitter and Stardust: Both Starglitter and Stardust may be used to purchase Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. They may not be Primogem, but they want you well.
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How To Redeem Genshin Impact Codes 2022?

If you don’t know how to redeem Genshin Impact Codes 2022 and obtain free gifts, check out our page for straightforward instructions. You must be at least Adventure Rank 10 to redeem your Genshin Impact Codes.

  1. To begin, simply go to the official gift redemption page.
  2. Then log in, choose your server, enter your character’s nickname, paste in the code, and click redeem.
  3. Finally, the prizes are yours.

There is no charge if you are an established player and already know the procedure of redeeming, but if you are a new player, simply follow the instructions above to earn your free presents.

Here you will find all of the latest Genshin Impact Codes 2022. This time, just a few codes are valid but don’t worry, first redeem all of the Genshin Impact Promo codes that are presently active before waiting for new codes. You don’t give much thought to new codes. Simply bookmark this page and return frequently; we will update this site with new codes as they become available.

All active codes for Genshin Impact may be found here. Please let us know in the comments below if a code isn’t paying you with anything so we may remove it from the list. We rely on the players who attempt these to notify us when anything finishes.

How To Get New Genshin Impact Legends Redeem Codes?

How To Get New Genshin Impact Legends Redeem Codes?

Mihoyo, the game’s developer, doesn’t release many codes, but you may get them by following Genshin Impact on Twitter – @GenshinImpact, Facebook, or joining Discord (if it’s not full!). It’s also a fantastic place to keep up with freebies.

You can download Genshin Impact Game here if you wish to play it for yourself.


If you enjoy the Genshin Impact game, you will enjoy our Genshin Impact Legends Codes. This page also contains useful information on the process of redeeming codes, how to receive more active codes, freebies, expired codes, and so on.

We also talked about the genshin Livestream codes. If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave them in the comments below, and if you want to acquire additional game codes, please see our other posts.

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