[NEW] HS TOP DECKS: Best Hearthstone decks (2023)

[NEW] HS TOP DECKS: Best Hearthstone decks April 2022
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Best Hearthstone decks for May 2022 season, with decklists and guides for top Hearthstone decks. Tune in to get top hs decks to win every match!

Top Hearthstone decks for the May 2022 season – best decks, meta snapshot, tier list, budget decks.

We’re updating our decklists to reflect the latest nerfs and additions to Hearthstone’s Standard format, including the new cards from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire in these hearthstone top decks. Get the best hearthstone decks of all time.

Best Hearthstone decks 2022

Top Hearthstone decks 2022

Top Hearthstone Decks: Ramp Paladin

This one comes from HS Top Decks and should serve as a good starting point for this archetype. However, because it is fairly costly, you may want to consider replacing some of these cards with less expensive equivalents that nonetheless produce decent results. One of the best duels decks hearthstone.

1x Each:-Murgur Murgurgle, Nozdormu the Timeless, High Abbess Alura, Darkmoon Rabbit, N’Zoth God of the Deep, and Y’Shaarj the Defiler

2x Each:- Redscale Dragontamer, Underlight Angling Rod, Tip the Scales, Animated Broomstick, Armor Vendor, Crabrider, Wandmaker, Murloc Warleader, Circus Amalgam, Fishy Flyer, Carnival Clown, Scrapyard Colossus

The Ramp Paladin relies heavily on minions. You want to get as many out as possible, and you want to do it as soon as possible. As a result, Tip In this Hearthstone top deck, the Scales and High Abbess Alura are important. The former will summon seven Murlocs instantaneously, while the latter will force you to use this spell because it is the only one in the deck. Because time is of the essence, Alura will help you bring minions onto the board as soon as possible to help you rush the game and finish it as soon as possible.

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Each player receives 10 mana crystals from Nozdormu the Timeless. This card is an excellent ramp tool, and you can obtain it early on if you play Redscale Dragontamer. Even if you are unable to obtain High Abbess Alura or Nozdormu the Timeless, the game is not yet done. There are still plenty of Murlocs available for you to utilize, and they may frequently provide you with victory on their own. This is currently one of the most popular and effective Hearthstone top decks.

Hearthstone Top Decks: Elemental Shaman Deck

This one comes from Icy Veins and focuses on Elemental minions rather than spells. You may put a lot of pressure on your opponents by employing the minions’ Battlecries instead of the spells you would normally use, best wild decks hs. Best hearthstone decks duels here are all of the cards you’ll need for this:

1x Each:- Instructor Fireheart, Al’Akir the Windlord, Defender of Argus, Kargal Battlescar

2x Each:- Cagematch Custodian, Menacing Nimbus, Arid Stormer, Serpentshrine Portal, Whack-A-Gnoll Hammer, Dunk Tank, Earth Revenant, Lilypad Lurker, Fire Elemental, Kindling Elemental, Far Watch Post, Gyreworm, Mor’shan Watch Post

This top Hearthstone deck is all about causing havoc. As a result, you must locate your Watch Postcards early on, preferably in your mulligan. Early-game minions will assist you in establishing a presence on the board, allowing you to exert pressure on your opponent right away. Keep the board clean of minions using Serpentshrine Portal, Whack-a-Gnoll Hammer, and Elemental Battlecries. This implies that your minions will gradually wear out your opponent with the best hs decks.

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When facing Aggro decks, board clears are usually the best choice, which is why you should corrupt your Dunk Tanks as soon as possible. Against Control decks, your strategy is very much the same: keep that continual supply of minions flowing. By providing pressure in this manner, you ensure that your opponent will not be able to gain control in the manner that they desire. The Fire Elemental and Gyreworm will assist you in burning your opponent as they lose control of the match.

Hearthstone Top Decks: Control Priest Deck

This protective character rarely receives much love or attention. In contrast to the Ramp Paladin archetype from earlier, this HSTD build focuses on eliminating minions off the board. Best hearthstone decks wild. Rather than aiming to cause as much harm as possible, you’re attempting to prevent your opponent from doing so. Best hearthstone budget decks 2022. So, what cards are required for top-tier Hearthstone decks of this nature?

Each 1x:- Insight, Mindrender Illucia, Soul Mirror, Murozond the Infinite, Wandmaker, Gift of Luminance

Each 2x:- Cleric of Scales, Draconic Studies, Renew, Sethekk Veilweaver, Apotheosis, Nazmani Bloodweaver, Palm Reading, Cabal Acolyte, Raise Dead, Wave of Apathy, Wild Pyromancer, Cobalt Spellkin

This deck’s spell engine is the Wandmaker. Getting it on your board as soon as possible is a must. Draconic Studies will allow you to save your first mana crystal, which you would otherwise throw away. The most important thing for you to do is to stay alive. This is a long-term approach in which you’re continually preparing for your endgame. Nazmani Bloodweaver, for example, is merely there to waste time since your opponent will have to deal with them in some fashion. With this hearthstone budget deck meanwhile, you should strive to get an Apotheosis-enhanced minion onto the board.

Hearthstone Deck Tier List June 17, 2024

TierDecks NameDecks Codes
S+Burn ShamanAAECAaoIAtD5A8ORBA7buAPNzgPw1AOJ5APq5wOF+gPTgASogQS5kQT5kQSVkgTckgTblAT5nwQA
S+Face HunterAAECAR8E4c4Dj+MD3OoD5e8DDd6+A9zMA6LOA4LQA7nSA4vVA4biA/DsA/f4A8X7A8OABLugBOGkBAA=
S+Questline Rogue AAECAaIHBMPhA53wA6b5A8f5Aw2qywPf3QPn3QOq6wOf9AOh9AOi9AOj9QOm9QO9gAT1nwT2nwT+rAQA
S+Shadow PriestAAECAa0GBufwA7v3A7+ABK2KBJagBIujBAzevgObzQPXzgO70QOL1QPK4wOI9wOj9wOt9wONgQTvnwThpAQA
S+Prestor Aggro DruidAAECAZICAtb5A4mLBA7evgPw1AOL1QOM5AOS5AP09gOB9wOE9wOsgASvgASwgAThpASXpQSwpQQA
S+Kazakusan DruidAAECAZICAomLBISwBA7lugPougObzgPw1AOJ4AOK4AOi4QOP5AOk9gOvgASunwS4oASwpQTPrAQA
SFreeze Elemental ShamanAAECAaoIAsKRBMORBA6q3gOr3gOM4QPg7APh7AOt7gOv7gPA9gPB9gP5kQSVkgTckgTblATTpAQA
SQuestline HunterAAECAR8G5NQDj+MD/fgDu4oE458El6AEDJ7LA7nQA43kA9zqA9vtA/f4A9D5A6mfBKqfBLugBL+sBMGsBAA=
SBolner OTK ShamanAAECAaoIBvzeA6bvA9D5A4b6A6iKBMORBAzhzAPw1AOz3AOn3gOS5APj7gPTgASljQS5kQSVkgTckgTblAQA
SQuestline Pirate WarriorAAEBAQcIrwTFFZG8AqC9At6tA5j2A7+ABJ2gBAvUBeUH+w+CsALdrQPpsAP+5wOV9gOcgQSmigSvoAQA
SControl WarriorAAECAQcE+cIDvIoEpa0EhLAEDbi5A8C5A/bCA/fUA7beA47tA4/tA/iABPmMBPqMBIigBImgBNKsBAA=
SJPmixter’s Questline WarlockAAECAa35AwqbzQPz3gPY7QPy7QPH+QOE+wOH+wPEgASwkQTnoAQK184DwdEDi9UDk+QD6+0D8O0D8e0DxvkDg/sD/KwEAA==
SPoison Aggro RogueAAECAaIHAsX5A/uKBA6qywP31APi3QPn3QOp6wOq6wOs6wOt6wOO9AOh9AO9gASSnwSUnwT3nwQA
SYouth’s Charge WarriorAAECAQcKuLkDwd4Dju0DxfUDx/kDv4AEvIoEp40EiKAEiqUECsC5A/fUA7beA7rhA/iABPmMBPqMBImgBKygBPyiBAA=
SOwlTK WarlockAAECAa35Awb44wPy7QPFgASwkQTxkQSXoAQM6b4DrMsDm80DkuQDk+QD1+0DvfEDxvkDg/sD15IEsZ8E56AEAA==
SHero Power MageAAEBAf0ECMABpIcDqIcD9tYD2OwD0PkDoIoExqAEC9/EAs7vAq2HA82JA4i2A/e4A5vNA9LsA9PsA9bsA6GSBAA=
AQuest WarriorAAECAQcEju8DxvUDmPYDv4AEDbXeA/7nA5LoA9XxA5X2A5b2A5f2A8/7A5uBBJyBBKaKBK2gBK+gBAA=
AQuest RogueAAECAaIHBsPhA53wA6b5A8f5A/uKBKWgBAyqywPf3QPn3QOf9AOh9AOi9AOj9QOm9QO9gAT1nwT2nwT+rAQA
APing MageAAECAf0EAtjsA6CKBA73uAPgzAObzQPHzgP7zgP73QPU6gPT7APW7AOogQSYjgSfkgShkgT8ngQA
BControl PriestAAECAa0GAsi+A4SwBA6TugPezAPi3gP73wP44wOe6wOG9wOH9wOtigSFnwTLoASKowTIrATUrAQA
BDeathrattle Demon HunterAAECAea5AwTK3QO/7QOHiwSEjQQN2cYDyd0D8+MDkOQDu+0DvO0D/e0DqO8Di/cDqZEEtpIE+JQEyZ8EAA==

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Final Verdict

The best Hearthstone decks for June 17, 2024. Our meta deck rankings page uses data from recent tournaments to evaluate the competitive viability of each deck type. Here are the best duels decks hearthstone.

The Hearthstone meta might still be dominated by Demon Hunter, but the other classes are doing their best to keep up. The list below contains top-tier decks in Hearthstone right now – decks that are performing well in Ranked play and on the tournament scene – split into three sections representing their cost: free-to-play, mid-tier craftable, and expensive/hard-to-craft.

Hope you find the best hearthstone decks for yourself.

Have a beautiful day MY FRIEND!

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