Tales of Grimm Tier List [2023] With Character Names!!!

Tales of Grimm Tier List [May 2022] With Character Names!!!
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You can play a variety of characters in the game. Our Tales of Grimm tier list has the greatest characters from each class in Tales of Grimm. In this game, players will start on an adventure in a gloomy fantasy realm. As a Dreamer, you begin your own narrative in the Land of Oz. With the help of heroes from the Land of Oz, discover the truths buried behind the darkness.

There are several characters to pick from throughout the game. And since a game has so many characters for you to choose from, it’s inevitable that some will be stronger than others. As a result, we decided to compile a Tales of Grimm tier list 2022 guide for your convenience. It will assist you in identifying and selecting powerful characters from each class, such as Guardian, Warrior, Mage, and Support.

So, without further ado, here are the finest characters in the Tales of Grimm tier list guide.

Tales of Grimm Tier list – Best Heroes and Characters

Please take note of the heroes’ stats and Tier numbers, which are shown below.

  • Tier 1: Exceptional Characters
  • Tier 2: List of the Best Characters
  • Tier 3: A list of good heroes
  • Tier 4: A list of Descent Heroes
  • Tier 5: Ineligible

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Tales of Grimm Tier List– Warrior

Here is a list of the Tales of Grimm heroes tier names for Android and iOS.

Blade GinaTier 2
Prince CharmTier 1
Red QueenTier 2
Glade LaddinTier 2
WukongTier 2
Fencer PedroTier 2
Quickcut PinnoTier 2
Swift AliTier 3
Princess OpheliaTier 4
GerdeTier 4

Tales Of Grim Tier list– Guardian

Here are the Tales of Grim Guardian characters tier list with the finest hero configuration.

Dark KnightTier 2
Quasi MortalTier 2
TritonTier 2
FedernTier 3
Bean SageTier 4
Hans in LuckTier 5
HookhandTier 5
ShahryarTier 1

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Tales of Grimm Tier List – Mage

  • Wonder Allish–Tier 1
  • Raven Maal–Tier 3
  • Carabosse–Tier 3
  • Bunny Bride –Tier 2
  • Queen Lilith –Tier 2
  • Raven Irene–Tier 2
  • Britney –Tier 3
  • Emerald Mage–Tier 4
  • Cindy’s Stepmother–Tier 3
  • Wicked Hag–Tier 4
  • Goddess Bella–Tier 4

Tales of Grimm Tier List Reddit

Before we begin, it is vital to mention that this Tales of Grimm tier list is only my own view of the top characters. You’re likely to believe that certain characters belong in a higher tier and others in a lower tier. That’s alright since you can still have fun playing with these Tales of Grimm tier list characters.

Another Tales of Grim new tier list from Reddit for you to choose the top heroes and characters in the game. This tier list includes Tales of Grimm comps, builds, and the best character construction. Here are the most recent Tales of Grim Reddit Tier.

Tales of Grimm Tier List Reddit

Reddit user u/ary-gematria shared this Tales of Grimm tier list graphic. So, thank you for your efforts.

Tales of Grimm Features

  • Train Your Hero Easier – Feel the rush of hero advancement. Equip riches for your heroes and watch them get stronger by the minute.
  • Experience More Story – In the Land of Oz, there are many mysteries buried in inconspicuous corners for Dreamers to discover. Play through the many modes to learn more about the people that live in the Land of Oz.
  • Fight For Your Honor – Keep in mind that you are not the only one summoned here. Adjust and find your ideal hero formations before competing in PVP Arena with other dreamers. Earn awards and accolades with your heroes!

That’s all there is to know about the Tales of Grimm Tier List guide and gift coupons. We’ve covered the most challenging characters in this entertaining game. Tales of Grimm will keep you entertained for a long time with so many playable characters.

Tales of Grimm Tier List Video Guide

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