(NEW) Best TFT Meta Comps for Patch 12.6 TFT Set 6.5 Tier List TFT Items Snapshot

(NEW) Best TFT Meta Comps for Patch 12.6 TFT Set 6.5 Tier List TFT Items Snapshot
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My name is Deepak, and I’ve topped Challenger in numerous TFT sets, and I’m always analyzing the TFT meta with top Challenger players like Ace of Spades.

Set 6.5: Neon Nights is now available, along with a fresh new tier list. This week, we don’t have any remarks because everything is brand new.

There are a few familiar comparisons that have been carried over, but our greatest TFT comps set 6 are primarily new.

Catch up on the best TFT comps for patch 12.6 meta.

Each new patch of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) brings a new set of champions and items and new TFT meta comps in this current TFT meta. We’ve already seen some powerful TFT comps so far, but with the release of patch 12.6, there are plenty more to explore when building out your team.

Below is a list of the TFT best comps we've seen so far in TFT patch 12.6 meta:

With this new patch comes six new champions: Fiora, Mordekaiser, Ornn, Sivir, Sylas, and Wukong. With the addition of these six champions, plus a new trait in Vanguard, there are plenty of new TFT comps to try out.

Below is a list of the TFT best comps we’ve seen so far in TFT patch 12.6 meta:

NOTE: These team compositions will be accurate when we post them at the start of the patch, but they will be modified on a regular basis by our experts. If you come between TFT patch notes releases, TFT meta report, and the latest TFT meta comps there may be a short delay in the blog being updated to correspond, so be sure to check our main website’s TFT team comp page for the most up-to-date information and TFT items, TFT guide.

Syndicate Ahri: S-tier

Syndicate Ahri: S-tier tft comps new patch12.6

For this patch, Ahri is the go-to AP carry.

Team Comp Description

This is a relatively simple comp with Ahri as the main carry and Syndicate as the key trait to build around. With things like Warmog’s and Quicksilver, we construct Ahri not as a pure damage carry, but as a blend of damage and tanky.

When to make

If you have a solid start with Syndicate units and good Ahri equipment, this competition is for you.

Hextech Sivir: S-tier

Hextech Sivir: S-tier tft comps new patch12.6

After the boosts, Sivir is restored to his former strength. Although it isn’t the best, it is nonetheless effective.

Team Comp Description:

This build features Sivir as the main carry and focuses solely on the Hextech trait. Vi is the only unit that isn’t a Hextech. It is one of the TFT best comps.

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When to make:

If you have strong Sivir equipment and a solid start with Hextech units, this competition is for you.

6 Scrap: S-tier

6 Scrap: S-tier tft comps new patch12.6

If you have a Scrap Emblem, this is a good choice; otherwise, it may not be as effective.

Team Comp Description:

If you can obtain a Scrap Emblem from an Augment or something like Tome of Traits, this is a competition you should enter. The comp is quite similar to Scrap Irelia, with the exception that 6 Scrap has a few tweaks and enables you to quickly build into Jinx.

When to make:

If you have a Scrap Emblem, enter this competition.

Renata Bruisers: S-tier

Renata Bruisers: S-tier tft comps new patch12.6

Renata appears to be a decent carry even with the nerfs.

Team Comp Description:

Renata is the focus of this combo, as she delivers a lot of damage over time. Bruisers are there to absorb damage and provide cover for Renata while she whittles away at opponent troops.

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When to make:

If you have strong Renata items and a solid start with Bruiser troops, this competition is for you in TFT 12 2 meta.

8 Arcanist: S-tier

8 Arcanist: S-tier tft comps new patch12.6

If you have decent goods and augments, this is a very strong option.

Team Comp Description:

This is a straightforward 8 Arcanist setup with Ahri as the primary carrier and Vex as the primary tank. For this combination to reach 8 Arcanist, you’ll need either an Emblem or an Augment.

When to make:

If you have high AP goods and a Yordles start, this is the competition for you.


We analyze compositions based on three main criteria:

Consistency: How consistently does this combo perform from game to game, and how reliably can you develop towards it given a good start?

Overall strength: If you finish the comp successfully, how does it compare to other comps, particularly those that are most popular in the meta?

Flexibility: Will you be able to make changes to the comp as the game progresses? Item luck, roll luck, and enemy units are all examples of these events.

We may categorize team compositions in the TFT meta spreadsheet as S, A, or B based on the combination of these three variables. Those who possess all three will lean toward S, whereas those who are competent but deficient in some areas will tilt toward B, one of the best is TFT mercenary comp.

More TFT Meta Resources

Keep an eye on our site for the most up-to-date information on our TFT champion tier list and all TFT items that are suggested for all champions. Similar to this article, we also have a TFT Items tier list and TFT meta comps, TFT meta hyper roll TFT snapshot here.

For the time being, that’s all there is to it! Every week, as well as for future patches, and TFT meta comps we’ll make additional team composition recommendations. If we missed something, please let us know in the comments and good luck in your TFT battles!

Have a great day MY FRIEND!

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