Top 10 PUBG/BGMI Players & Control layout [2023 Updated!!!]

Top 10 PUBG/BGMI Players & Their Control layout
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Hello, Gamers! Today we are going to walk through the top 10 bgmi players in India 2022. There are many PUBG Mobile/BGMI players who have proven themselves and stand on the top. A lot of people ask, Who is the best BGMI player in India? Who is the No 1 player in India? Who is the king of BGMI in India? Who is the best Assaulter in BGMI?

Top 10 Bgmi/Pubg Players In India – The number of Indian PUBG players has increased tremendously in a small period of time. It is for the reason that there are not many games on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox where we can fight against other players and get a chance to win.

Today I am going to share with you the top 10 bgmi/pubg mobile players in the world and their control layouts along with their control code and sensitivity codes. So, stay tuned.


Jonathan is one of the best if not the best bgmi player in the world on the current date. During one of his interviews he said :

Hi all, I am Jonathan. I live in Bangalore India. One of the best players in pubg India. I have been playing pubg since October 2017, the game is really fun to play but it gives you a great rush feel while playing it. I got top10 ranking globally, but not India so that’s why I am going to give tips and tricks on how to get into the top 10 all over the world in pubg mobile. (i am in 10th rank now) hope you all follow my tips and I hope you can also be in the top10 ranking all over the world, so with my help, let’s aim for the top 10 men!

Jonathan gaming Control Layout:-

Jonathan gaming Control Layout:-

Jonathan Gaming Control Code:- 7031-7522-1405-9158-088

Jonathan Gaming Sensitivity Code:- 6893-4240-2977-3338-186


Who is Scout? The word “Scout” has an entirely different meaning for gamers. It is a group of players who are roughly similar in skill level and play in a squad together. Sometimes, you may also find a player who uses the same name as the account below him for the purpose of raising his own profile. Scouts in various games give out free stuff to players, help each other in getting promotions, share their strategies and tips with their fellow squadmates, and are overall nice people.

Scout is one of the best players in the community. His core gamer stats make him a very strong player, but it’s his skills and game knowledge that really take him over the top. Not only is he professional, but he is also an overall great community member.

Scout Control Layout:-

Scout Control Layout

Scout Control Code:-  6974-6425-0721-1606-925

Scout Sensitivity Code:- 6974-6425-0721-1606-924

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The Best Indian Players In Battlegrounds Mobile Game, Mavi Gaming is one of the best players and IGLs that India has to offer. He is currently in the Top 10 in India. I got a chance to interview them and find out how they played, who plays for them, and what skills do they have that make them become the best. These players have shown their amazing gaming skills and ranked top 10 in the world.

Over the past year, the popularity of PUBG/BGMI mobile has exploded. With famous streamers streaming their own mobile games, the hype is high among millions of mobile gamers around the world. A team of young gamers, who are passionate about playing steam games and making youtube videos.  

Mavi Control Layout:-

Mavi Control Layout

Mavi Control Code:- 6974-6304-4130-0598-104

Mavi Sensitivity Code:- 6974-6304-4130-0598-122


Vexe gaming is one of the best pubg/ bgmi players in India. players like vExe mattyk and reis were in s10 legend rank. Vexe gaming was one of the pioneers in the bgmi scene from the very beginning of it. Vexe gaming is one of the best pubg players in India. Vexe gaming already got third place in the first edition of epic games tournament organized by epic games in pubg. Vexe gaming is from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh, India.

Vexe Control Layout:-

Vexe Control Layout

Vexe Control Code:-  6937-1054-2531-2001-260

Vexe Sensitivity Code:- 6937-1054-2531-2001-263

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Snax gaming is one of the best assaulters in pubg in India. He is a humble person. Meet Snax gaming, he is one of the prominent pubg players from India. His expertise with weapons like G36C and UZI is astonishing. He is just 20 but has stomped many big professional gaming organizations.

Snax gaming is one of the well-known players in the list of top 10 players from India. He was born on 28th June 1995 and belongs to Mumbai, India. Snax is a really nice guy in real life and we respect him for that. His heart is gold and loves getting new friends around him.

Snax Gaming Control Layout:-

Snax Gaming Control Layout

Snax Gaming Control Code:- 6974-6292-0638-3659-575

Snax Gaming Sensitivity Code:-  6974-6292-0638-3659-575


In battle royale gaming, there are a number of players with exceptional gunpower skills, who also have high destructive power offered to the opponents. These players are commonly known as PUBG pros. The best player of India that fits into this category is Gill.

Gill is one of the best players in terms of gunpower in pubg in India. He is a nice person. He has done some very risky and fantastic attacks on his opponents during the time of the game.

Gill Control Layout:-

Gill Control Layout

Gill Control Code:- 6983-8860-7978-8060-493

Gill Sensitivity Code:- 6983-8860-7978-8060-494


Zgod has been a consistent performer for Team Godliken and he has been improving constantly. He is one of the best support player in terms of gunpower in Pubg India. Zgod loves to play with M416, which gives him good firepower over his opponents. He is also known for his great communication skills which makes his teammates perform even better. 

Zgod Gaming Control Layout:-

Zgod Gaming Control Layout

Zgod Gaming Control Code:-  7031-7673-6379-9223-907

Zgod Gaming Sensitivity Code:- 7031-7673-6379-9223-908


There have been many amazing players all over the world who have amazed us with their skills in pubg. Today I will tell you about one of them, Clutchgod. A player from India who plays under the name “GodL Clutchgod”, he is one of the best Pubg/BGMI IGLs and has many high-rank finishes. He is flamboyant, aggressive, and always tries to create space for his teammates to achieve things.

Clutchgod Control Layout:-

Clutchgod Gaming Control Layout

Clutchgod Control Code:- 6960-5077-0709-7361-094

Clutchgod Sensitivity Code:- 6960-5077-0709-7361-095


PUNKK is one of the most skilled players in terms of tactful game sense. He is among the best assaulters in the game. He has been seen in third place on leaderboards as well. Most of the players become famous through social media popularity, but only a few players are famous through hard work and skill.

Punkk has a game sense of 10/10. He is ranked among the 10 bgmi players in India and we think he is going to be on top soon.

Punkk Control Layout :-

Punkk Gaming Control Layout

Punkk Control Code :-  6983-8721-1663-9668-034

Punkk Sensitivity Code :-  6983-8721-1663-9668-035


Neyoo is one of the best assaulters in PUBG/BGMI. He is ranked among the best assaulters in Pubg/Bgmi. He has years of experience playing online multiplayer shooter games, which allows him to make quick decisions in high-intensity situations.  Neyoo was introduced to “Team- Entity” in PUBG and has been playing pubg ever since its release. Neyoo took part in a lot of tournaments and has been able to win multiple prizes, he also streams on YouTube on a regular basis.

Neyoo Control Layout:-

Neyoo Control Layout

Neyoo Control Code:- 7052-8770-0222-7844-310

Neyoo Sensitivity Code:-  7052-8770-0222-7844-311


There is no doubt that Pubg Mobile/BGMI is one of the exciting games in India and Indian players are very much fans of playing this game, so today we got to see the top 10 players in India who earned a lot by playing pubg and also they have won various events which made them more popular.

So if you are a player of pubg/bgmi in India, then go for it and let us know who has the highest win ratio let us know in the comment section.

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